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Mount Vernon, NY

Reflections on race, racism and respect

Herald Community Newspapers

Cover picture for the articleYears ago, my wife and I walked onto a Martha's Vineyard beach with my Cornell University advisee and his parents, only to be confronted by a white man asking where we thought we were going. My advisee’s father, a professor at a prestigious medical school, who was African-American, replied, “I could...

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I've always judged people by character, not skin color, but I see a LOT of racism coming from blacks. Pushed by Dems and educators. Seems power is more important than lives.

John Becker

Whole article is based upon the false premise that being respected is a right. No, it is EARNED. When one is observed displaying rude, obnoxious, threatening and violent (among other equally disagreeable traits) behavior, not one bit of respect has been earned.

Tony Johnson

I'm proud to be a white man I'm proud that my ancestors carved out the universe so everyone else can have a place to run to just skate their third world s*** hole and if that's white supremacy then I am so proud of it I am proud to be a white supremacist proud that God made my race the most dominant race on this planet made me and my people the overseers and the stewards of the earth and all the other misfortunate tribes


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