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Erika Jayne Calls Herself A “Rich Crook” In Resurfaced Clip From 2018

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This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has truly been a rollercoaster. The legal drama surrounding Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi is horrific for so many reasons. The seriousness of the storyline has sent us all into a bit of a frenzy. We’ve all had to take a closer look at Erika’s time on the show , hanging on to every word about her lavish lifestyle and her husband’s “successful” legal career. But, little did we know, there was much more to their story.

From the infamous $40,000-a-month glam squad to the endless racks of designer clothes , there are countless braggadocious moments from the show and cheeky songs like “Xxpensive” that really haven’t aged well. And, then, just when you think you’ve seen it all, this old interview with Erika resurfaces, and it’s truly mindblowing.

In 2018, Erika made an appearance on Dish Nation to promote her book, The Pretty Mess . In jest, co-host Frank Kramer asked if she had ever been arrested, to which Erika responded, “No. But should I have been? Maybe.” She continued, “I’ve never been arrested … I’ve never been in custody, ever.”

When the host jokingly suggested that they get arrested together, Erika’s response was rather interesting.

“Listen, you’re a bad crook if you get arrested. I’m a good crook. I’m not a bad crook. I’m a smart one.” Erika proclaimed.

Frank responded, “Good Crook is the name of her next book.”

“Rich Crook. Not Good Crook, Rich Crook,” Erika quipped.

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The conversation was all in good fun, but it’s wild to hear it today. This interview was years before any of Tom’s alleged misdeeds came to the surface. However, considering everything that has happened, it’s pretty ironic to hear Erika joking about crookery. It’s similar to when Jen Shah made a joke in the season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City about how she hasn’t been to jail yet, but we all know the police came knocking on her door just a few weeks later. It’s like a real-life case of foreshadowing.

Of course, Erika has maintained that she didn’t know any details about her husband’s business or their family finances. Allegedly, she just had a credit card, and she wasn’t afraid to use it . Remember that she hasn’t been charged with any crimes, so we’ll have to wait to see how the entire situation plays out. But still, you can’t help but look back at this old interview with a little bit of a side-eye, and you know Ronald Richards is somewhere meticulously taking notes.

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Truth Sets U Free

She's guilty to some extent!! Her stories aren't adding up! And she "so called" drove Tom to work, went back home, packed up a Uhaul, and left him: I'm calling bull$hit on that because that was planned by both of them!!! I watch this show, and I'm telling you that She's starting to alter her stories! That's what happens when you lie so much; you can't keep your stories straight!!

Debora Clark

I agree they planned it. They figured she would leave and file for divorce and that they would come after him and her assets wouldnt be touched. Then they could still live lavishly but oh oh oh it backfired. I can't stand her mightier than thou attitude. Bravo has fired people for the littlest thing but keeps her. Shame on bravo

Pretty Feet

But Tom put 25 million dollars into Erika's business EJ GLOBAL LLC. as a loan from his office!! How can you have that amount of money and have no idea?? It's her business!! I think her original lawyers quit because she wouldn't take a plea deal! Erika would've been better off coming out publicly and saying how sorry she was for the victims and she would do everything in her power to cooperate with the authorities. I believe Tom had told her no matter what blame it on him and protect herself. They have only been selling pictures and artwork. Where are all Erika's rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches?? Erika took everything she wanted to keep and left the rest. Erika only filed for divorce a week or two before this scandal hit the public! I would think they would be given a letter stating about the missing money and for it to be returned. Either way Erika owes at least $25 million for the loan from Girardi Keefe that was loaned to her!!


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