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Americans brace for utility bill sticker shock


Cover picture for the articleAmericans are bracing for gas and utility bills that will likely be sharply higher as a perfect storm hits the United States. Severe weather from Hurricane Ida and Tropical storm Nicholas are complicating an already watered-down U.S. energy policy that will leave consumers footing a bigger bill to drive and stay...

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cousins bros

well of course we will. we have to pay for all these illegals getting free utilities, free housing, free healthcare, free phones, food stamps up the ying yang, there big child tax credits when they don't even work, on and on


Do government policies of shutting down pipelines, limiting drilling on federal lands and offshore, increasing fees to oil producers, mandating the production of more electric vehicles, and proposing mileage taxes affect the cost of energy?

John Gall

Well with the past storms how well would the green energy work???Lets see solar ? panels gone!Wind turbins in another state!How long to get power back up ?Years!How well is your electric car going !It is a lie to believe that clean energy at this time unless hydro,nuclear is going to power the United States. The lefty democrats tell you not to drink the Trump koolaid. So don't drink the Biden beer! 3 ways to destroy the nation control the economy!!!Control the energy!!! Control the population!!Tell me how's Joey doing


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