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Kentucky bride-to-be who was concerned about COVID vaccine dies of virus at age 29

Centre Daily
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWeeks before her wedding that was 11 years in the making, Samantha Wendell began feeling sick after returning from her Nashville bachelorette party. It turned out to be COVID-19, which hospitalized the 29-year-old surgical technician from Grand Rivers, Kentucky. After a “valiant fight” with the virus, the 29-year-old died Sept. 10.

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Miss T.
29d ago

There are fully vaccinated ppl who are getting sick and fully vaccinated ppl who have still died from it too . And think we are all over the scare tactics by now . If you want the vaccine great get it ,if you don't want it fine don't take it . But stop with the scare tactics about it . The ones who could be frightened into taking it are already vaccinated by now . Over it !!

Yvonne Hemlick
30d ago

Forty six year old wife and mother of three loses her 52 year olds husband after taking second dose of vaccine. Spouse dies within five days after second dose of Covid vaccine

Teri Scheff
29d ago

so very sad. this is all I keep hearing because people choose not to get vaccinated for whatever reason. very few die that are fully vaccinated. I won't discuss this anymore with unvaccinated because it makes no difference. at this point, anyone unvaccinated needs to stay home so people who really need the ER don't get turned away and die because the beds are all full from covid.


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