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Des Moines, IA

VIDEO: Mom throws child to ground at gas station, punches witness who intervened

 30 days ago

Cover picture for the article(Meredith) -- Cellphone video shows a 9-year-old boy screaming for help as his mother picks him up by the arms and throws him to the ground at an Iowa gas station. Two witnesses, Michael Lomax and his fiancé, Arekya Quinn, said they intervened when they heard the child yelling inside the Quick Trip in Des Moines on Sunday.

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Vicky Sande
30d ago

This is absolutely horrible. If she does that in Public what does the child go through at home. God Bless the couple that stepped in to help the child.

30d ago

The mom should of kept her hands to herself. She should get help for the child than to do what she did. if she is doing this in a store in public what is happening at home. The gentleman had every reason to help his girlfriend! She was trying to get the mother to not be so brutal to her son!

29d ago

If the child was becoming a problem in the store, the mom should have picked the child up & left the store. I know children are sometimes more than a handful. But body slamming is not an acceptable reaction. She should have taken him to the car & waited until he had calmed down. Even if it meant locking the child in the car & standing on the outside of the car until he calmed down. I’m glad there were people in the store that felt they could help the boy. They probably saved the boys life. If she was so abusive in public I can’t imagine what she would have done when she got him behind closed doors. Thank God children services took the boy. I’m praying for everybody. And that she doesn’t get him back. Never ever!!!


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