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Anti-vaxxers will have to pay up if they want to reject public health guidance


Cover picture for the articleLike many Americans, I have grown tired of anti-vaxxer bravado. Suddenly, the people who bragged they’d reject Covid-19 vaccines at all costs — and in the name of so-called liberty — are now beside themselves because they can’t eat indoors at their favorite salad bar unvaccinated. Evidently, the revolution is prepared for many things, but eating stale croutons on a park bench is a bridge too far.

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If these restaurants and shops and whatever, are requiring people to show proof are gonna go under. Pretty sure a lot of people are going to boycott these places!!! And tired of being called an "anti-vaxxer", I've had all my required vaccinations, just because I don't want this one doesn't make me one! People need to know the difference! WAKE UP, this isn't right!

Dave Agony

So If people that are unvaxx can they now collect disability since they can't work and their constitutional rights are being violated. Also this violates the Declaration of Independence of life liberty ect?

Arthur Fritog

Only the beginning of Socialist Democrats destroying our God given FREEDOM. For those that NEVER RISKED LIFE OR LIMB FOR YOUR FREEDOM, don’t feel bad as you will find shortly you no longer have any freedom.


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