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T-Mobile is once again enraging a large number of customers by nixing an 'accidental' promo

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Cover picture for the articleWhether they were directly related or not, it was certainly not surprising to see T-Mobile follow up the biggest data breach in its history with a number of killer freebies and deals targeting both new and existing subscribers. Unfortunately, one promotion that was seemingly applied to around 200,000 accounts...

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david smith

I'm starting to get the opinion that T-Mobile has gotten a little too big for it's britches lately. Take a chill pill, folks, do some reviewing and introspection. You need to look at some policy changes.

Beth Janousek

we have been informed that with the coming upgrade our phones won't work. so now we have to get new phones and we just paid the phones off. not happy.


T-mobile offers generous plans that appear to be straight forward/more transparent with customers than other carriers in the past,and perhaps they, are way more generous( (in their attempts to win over customers).This can translateto challenged customer service and staff having having to stay on top of the various plans and promotions. This can also be complicated for customers to understand. However T mobile is doing a food job, and capturing fantastic market share and actually bringing competition within other carriers, so all consumers benefit. If customers thought they were getting something free and it was not the case, they should be able to cancel at no penalty.


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