‘My Husband Won’t Pay for Child Care!’

Cover picture for the articleMy husband is self-employed and earns a relatively good income, but hoards all his money in his business account and leaves me to pay for child care and all other child-related expenses. He claims that all our money is “ours,” yet I feel like I am always paying more than my...

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Barbara Armstrong

I think it is appalling that a father would refuse or try to get out of paying reasonable expenses related to the care and raising of his child. It will be difficult to get their financial issues worked out if he is hiding things and unwilling to follow up on his verbal commitments to his spouse. Something else is going on here!

Marilyn Taylor

It's odd what many people call marriage now, regardless of income, age, background, etc. I'm a bit older, but I've come to the conclusion that everyone getting married should have a prenup. It saves on tears, fears, confusion, trust, expectations, etc.


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