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Republicans may abandon infrastructure bill because Pelosi 'linked' it with reconciliation: GOP Rep. Johnson

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleAs Democrats charge ahead with writing their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, which they aim to pass on a party-line vote through budget reconciliation, at least one moderate Republican is warning the bipartisan infrastructure bill may lose GOP votes because it's too intertwined with the reconciliation bill. "I think...

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Lou Levasseur

problem is this do called "Infrastructure Bill" had very little to do with "Infrastructure" it's a bait and switch they are trying to push Bernie Sanders Socialist agenda, open your eyes America, these Bills will kill Ameri economy and cost the people millions in new taxes, and Know taxing the rich will not cover all of the cost

Steve J Harvey

There is nothing good or honest in Pelosi and the entire Democratic Party. They have either lied about everything or completely ignored the basic rights of American Citizens in the name of power and control. They are systematically destroying this great Country and people are clueless to their actions. We have and will completely destroy our children’s and grandchildren’s dreams and future in the name of hate and ignorance.

Toby Motte

This just goes to show that Nancy Pelosi does not care about the US economy, she know that inflation is already on the rise and this massive spending bill is just gonna send it over the top and make every man and woman that have to work Suffer through higher food prices higher energy prices higher everything. I am more and more convinced every day her sole goal is to destroy this country


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