George Rooks: Making a ‘Senior Connection’

Clermont Sun
Clermont Sun

Howdy folks—I have a brochure here called Senior Connection and I’m going to write about some questions in the brochure. The first question is, “What was your first job and how much did you make?” Well, my first job was at five years old and I was driving a team of horses that were hitched to a hay wagon with a load of hay. I was paid 75 cents a day. That has been years ago. What do you remember about your parents? My mother would can about 700 quarts of vegetables each year. We milked 12 cows, had hogs, chickens, and horses. My dad had two heart attacks when I was 11 years old and that meant I along with my brother that was younger then me and my mother had to take care of the farm and do the milking. Mother always got 100 baby chickens each spring. The mail would send a notice that the mailman would deliver the baby chicks the next day so we waited on the mailman and could hear the baby chickens chirping. Today you go to the hatchery and get them.[caption id="attachment_84688" align="alignright" width="150"] George Rooks, The Ole Fisherman.[/caption]

The next question is, “Describe the neighborhood you grew up in.” We had no electric until I was four years old. We used kerosene and oil lamps for light in the house. Dad said there will be no lantern in the barn after dark and that work in the barn will be done before dark. Do you remember ration books and green stamps? Yes, I do. Did you go to restaurants? I remember stopping at the Frisch’s restaurant down to the ball game. Our Sunday school took five boys to a Reds ball game. Did you get a pet? Yes, we had an outside dog, a collie that would bring the cows in at milking time. This dog was afraid of thunder and lightning.

Did you have a garden? We had two gardens. One would be early and one was a fall garden. Mother canned from the garden and gave garden food to neighbors that could not raise a garden In the fall dad would make a mound in the garden and put garden items in it for winter. Have you met anybody famous? Yes, Steve Newman, the World Walker. How did the telephone work in your house? We had a party line. What was school like? It was good. When did you get a television? We got a television that had a round tube. It worked fine but we didn’t have anything to turn it on or change the station.

Now for the fishing report. Sherry’s Lake had a fishing tournament Wednesday night with about 20 people and they caught a lot of fish. They caught on 32 pound shovel head. Sherry’s Lake keeps their lake stocked up good. If you would like a good bunch of channel catfish you can get them there.

I talked to Cedar Lake and the biggest so far was a 37 pounder and a 27 pounder. Both of them were shovel heads. The lady said the fishing is picking up with the cooler weather. I talked to the Boars Head Bait Shop in Afton and the lady said she was just about ready to sell bait to a fisherman as I was talking to her. The crappie are biting good with some 11 inches long and even some in the 12 and 14 inch long range.

Now for some very sad news. I just found out that Mr. Doug Green passed away. He will be greatly missed and he was a great man who served both God and country. Blessings to his family as I’m sure they will miss him greatly.

God bless all …

More later …

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