Self-Attacking Antibodies Found In Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Medical Daily
Medical Daily
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A new study is shedding more light on what could be causing severe COVID-19 infection in SARS-CoV-2 patients. Stanford researchers revealed this week their interesting discovery upon examining a number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. In a press release published on Stanford Medicine’s website Tuesday, the team indicated that they found self-attacking...

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That’s interesting because this is exactly what they said the vaccine will do! I’ll bet you they are lying through their teeth and the “unvaccinated” person they checked this on was probably recently vaccinated! Even the CDC is admitting that those who die from “COVID” if within the 14 day marker after the final shot are labeled as unvaccinated!

Scott L. Damron

How the COVID Shot Causes DamageWhen you get a COVID shot, genetic instructions are being injected into your deltoid muscle. Muscle drains into your lymph nodes, which in turn can enter your bloodstream. There may also be direct translocation from the muscle into smaller blood vessels.Animal data submitted by Pfizer to Japanese authorities show the mRNA appeared within the blood within one or two hours of injection. The rapidity of it suggests the nano particles are translocated from the muscle directly into the blood, bypassing the lymph Once inside your bloodstream, the genetic instructions are delivered to the cells available, namely your endothelial cells. These are the cells that line your blood vessels. These cells then start producing spike protein, as per the mRNA instructions. As the name implies, the spike protein looks like a sharp spike protruding from the cell wall, into the bloodstream.Since they are not supposed to be there, your killer lymphocytes rush to the area, thin

Lisa Balthaser

This is exactly the red flag doctors were warning about when they first started giving these shots. Cytokine storms were predicted but they went ahead and ignored the doctors predicting it. This is not surprise for thos eating attention and following the studies the cdc who and governments are choosing to ignore.


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