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Raiders QB Derek Carr throws ultimate insult at Steelers and the Immaculate Reception

USA TODAY Sports Media Group
USA TODAY Sports Media Group

If the Pittsburgh Steelers needed any added motivation this week, Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr gave it to them. Well, to the fanbase at least. Carr spoke to the media on Wednesday and when asked what he knew of the historical rivalry between the Steelers and Raiders, Carr offered up a single line.

“The ball touched the ground,” he said.

Carr is of course talking about the famous Immaculate Reception and the touchdown catch by Steelers running back Franco Harris against the Oakland Raiders in the AFC playoffs back in 1972. Fans rushed the field, and it took officials 15 minutes before they could clear the field for the extra point, which finalized the score at 13-7.

Apparently, Carr disagreed with that result.


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? 80

How old was David Carr when the immaculate reception took place? Well im pretty sure David's father was in Jr. High School when that play took place


Was he there? Oh wait he wasn't even born yet. Video clearly shows the ball did not hit the ground. Losers are always losers.


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