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‘It Was A Bad Choice:’ W. Va. Governor Jim Justice Calls Out Unvaccinated As COVID-19 Cases Rise

Cover picture for the articleCHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia hospitals continue to be overrun with COVID-19 patients as the number of people seeking treatment for the virus hit a record of 893 on Wednesday, officials said. That’s 41 more than Monday’s record and is up from the total of 52 people hospitalized for...

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Michael Norris
30d ago

People that are vaccinated were told to take it so they would gain some security. Now they are saying that they haven't gained any security and are put in harm's way by the unvaccinated. Then they were told that they are still in danger of contracting the virus and that means that the shot didn't do anything for them. Then they were told that they still can spread the virus so the shot didn't do anything for them in that. So the vaccinated still can get the virus and spread it . They're right back where they started . Nothing gained

30d ago

A vaccine mandate is illegal and immoral. Biden is joining Hitler as one if histories most evil men with this effort to force an experimental drug into Americans. An experimental drug so untrusted by it's own manufacturers that they will not take it, and required that Biden shield them from liability when others took it. Again, biden is demonstrating that Democrats are evil....and defining a segment of the population that has a slave mentality and will do anything the STATE orders. A mentality that is most accepting of socialism and hateful of American individualism. A mentality that does not deserve American citizenship........So as the unvaccinated are being discriminated against by this evil, their choices are limited. Either quit and let the vaccinated slaves do all the work, stay and sue, or submit to the vaccine mandate and take out your anger on the business and it's employees.  Remember...."All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

Joebama Obiden
30d ago

As soon as biden and harris made it political by saying they would not get it originally when Trump had it going, they started this entire mess. Purely on their two shoulders.


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