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The Pentagon is asking 2.9 million service members and contractors to come forward if they have symptoms of the mysterious 'Havana Syndrome'

Business Insider
Business Insider
The US Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

The Department of Defense has asked all military service members, civilian officials, and contractors to report of they have any symptoms of "Havana Syndrome" - a mysterious illness that has struck American diplomats and personnel all over the world.

The New York Times reported that it sent a message, signed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, to 2.9 million military service members and civilians asking them to report any symptoms that line up with the illness, which was first reported in Havana, Cuba, in 2016 .

More than 200 Americans across the world have been infected, The Times reported, in locations including Cuba, China, Russia, and the US.

The memo said that symptoms include nausea, headaches, and vertigo, and told people experiencing them to move out of the area they are in, The Times reported.

The memo was sent as part of an effort to get more information about the incidents, and also to figure out who or what is responsible.

Theories have included pesticides and a microwave weapon.

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Daniel Abbey

Common symptoms of Havana Syndrome: fondness for old cars, good cigars, and strong coffee. If not treated immediately, can lead to poverty, political repression, and a strong desire to take rickety boats to Miami! 😅

Faithful Servant

Marxists DemoncRats say = LETS SPREAD SOME MORE GERMS AROUND AND MAKE AMERICA EVEN MORE UNSAFE!!Please! Bring back President Trump!"President Donald J Trump is one of God’s chosen tough, strong earthly warriors He hand-picked for such evil times as these that we live in today."Rev. Franklin Graham & Billy Graham Amen 🙏 Thank you Jesus!

For the Right

china coming after our military. China improving their bio weapons daily. biden and obama and fauchi probably still paying for it.


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