Delta Variant May Mutate Into Monster Variant

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While things seemed to be getting semi back to normal, the delta variant has been raging across Michigan and Dr. Anthony Fauci warns it could mutate to a monster variant. The delta variant cases of COVID-19 are now surpassing the number of people who actually have been vaccinated. If more Michiganders...

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Joseph J. Jackson

The problem is not the unvaccinated, the problem is a Low Ammune System, a unhealthy way of eating of the rich and poor class alike.

Chansa Gonzales

what's wrong with society today as we speak is that, they are not putting the Lord Jesus Christ first in their lives for those who are quickly to get vaccinated. Jesus is out protector and our healer. Therefore people praising the created instead of our Creator. my faith lies in Jesus to keep this out of the reach of those who believe in His promises and in the word of God.

Mike Brown

This is completely false. Will will fuel mutations is the virus coming Into contact with more iterations of the vaccine, not people without the vaccine. more lies to scare people into getting the death jab.


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