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Roger Stone Served With Capitol Riots Lawsuit During Radio Interview

 30 days ago
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On Wednesday, during an appearance on the Real Talk 93.3 radio show in St. Louis, Missouri, Stone was giving legal documents while answering a question regarding Trump's run in the forthcoming 2024 re-election.

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Ramona Robinson
30d ago

can't dodge JUSTICE, no pardon this time🤣😅😂😁😚😗😜😝😛😀😃😄🏛🏛🎯 these people live in MILLION DOLLARS HOMES, and they are BEGGING🤦🤦 THE 🐧🐧can represent you, or those other disbar lawyers🏛🏛 good luck🥛🥛

Theodore Johns
30d ago

Trump isn't president anymore and Bill Barr isn't Attorney General. There's no one to protect Roger's rear-end anymore.

Antonio Castro
29d ago

All the federal have to do is find a couple of these people who talked to Trump. To say Trump knew about them taken over the capital building to stop the count then they have to biggest fish. Phone records email from the White House. Then yes Trump will be indicted and possibly go to jail. The department of justice taken it Slow


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