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Data shows reasons why Utahns chose to not be vaccinated against COVID

FOX 13 News
FOX 13 News

The U.S. Census Bureau’s latest survey of American households shows opposition to the vaccine remains entrenched with significant percentages of the unvaccinated expressing distrust in government and vaccine scientists and varying levels of disbelief in the virus and the threat it presents.

Consistent with earlier polls, the biggest reason given for not getting the vaccine was fear of side effects. 60 percent of unvaccinated Utahns agreed with that as a reason.

45 percent of Utahns said they were waiting to see if the vaccines are safe.

Very small percentages of Utahns still say the vaccine is too hard to get or too costly, suggesting early challenges of education, delivery, and transportation have largely been overcome.

In between those two…between 30 and 41 percent of Utahns give reasons such as distrust of the vaccine and government and not believing Covid-19 is a big threat.

This is the second time we have reported on Utahns’ responses to the Census Household Pulse Survey. Here is a comparison between the U.S. and Utah answers on the latest survey, released on Sept 8, followed by the survey released four weeks ago.

You’ll notice in this graphic, we did not include the “access” questions because very few Utahns offered them as reasons for not getting a vaccine.

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Some Unknown Person

I just had an antibody test and I have significant COVID-19 antibodies and I had the virus almost a year ago. In other words, I am better protected against COVID-19 than anyone who has not had COVID-19 but has gotten the jab. No clot shot needed for me.

Michael Nielsen

There is no good excuse - these people choose to ignore facts and are too selfish to do anything that might keep others from getting sick and dying.

Angie Harper
30d ago

If all of you have had the jab and are safe from covid and all the variants then why be so concerned with the one's who have chosen not to get it. You are all going to live and be fine right? I have 2 daughters who have gotten covid and I have a suppressed immune system and did not get it. But I do have 2 neighbors who got the jab and are dying as we speak. And they go no where. I also just had my daughters ex husband's dad who goes no where get the jab and he ended up in the hospital hours after getting the jab and passed away 2 days ago. I have a cousin who got the jab and had a massive heart attack the next day and she is in her 30's . I have seen what has happened to my loved ones after getting the jab and being perfectly healthy and fine before getting it. And I do believe that some people get mild side effects like my son. I still believe from what I have seen that it also is killing people and they were not lucky enough to just have mild side effects but yet have died or are dyi


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