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24 attorneys general file amicus brief to support Biden administration's effort to block Texas abortion law

 30 days ago
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The new law went into effect Sept. 1.

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Joseph Dunn
30d ago

Why in the world are politicians from other states worried about what happens in Texas? You are not the Attorney General in Texas so your concerns don't matter here. We have elected officials that can and will handle the things going on here, so stay in your state and leave Texas alone.

Mike Duffy
30d ago

Blue states no doubt. The should spend as much time protecting the rights of the unborn. States like NY and Hawaii allow a birth of a child and if the mother does not want it quote " make the infant warm and comfortable an allow it to die peacefully". That's murder as if you threw the child out the window to the pavement! Mind their business and stay out of our lane! It's not about the rights of women, it's about the rights of children. You can always drive to New Mexico to commit murder to your child!


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