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Minnesota police group says a man claiming to be Derek Chauvin's bodyguard 'never spent one minute' with him

 30 days ago
Derek Chauvin listens as the verdict is read out in his trial.
  • A Minnesota police group says a man claiming to be Derek Chauvin's bodyguard isn't telling the truth.
  • Scott Yelle told "Inside Edition" he heard Chauvin once express some remorse.
  • The police group that hired Yelle told Insider that wasn't possible and Yelle "never spent one minute" with Chauvin.
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A man who claimed he was Derek Chauvin's bodyguard throughout his murder trial actually had no interaction with the ex-cop at all, according to the Minnesota police group who hired him.

Scott Yelle told Inside Edition in an interview that he had used a fleet of bulletproof SUVs to prevent assassination attempts, and wouldn't let Chauvin eat food provided by court officials to thwart any efforts to poison him.

He even told the media outlet that Chauvin had expressed a moment of remorse over George Floyd's death.

"I said, 'Is there anything I can do for you?' And he said, 'You can take me back a year,'" Yelle told Inside Edition.

Not one word of that was true, according to Brian Peters, the executive director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, which hired Yelle.

Peters told Insider on Wednesday that Yelle had actually been part of a security detail accompanying Chauvin's attorney, Eric Nelson, and a paralegal to court each day. Peters said the security detail wasn't even allowed inside the courthouse - their job was simply to drop Nelson and the paralegal off each morning and wait outside until the end of the day.

"I'll just say that Scott Yelle never spent one minute with Derek Chauvin," Peters told Insider, saying he believed Inside Edition had paid Yelle for the interview.

In response to Insider's questions, an Inside Edition spokesperson said, "We stand by our story."

Insider was unable to immediately reach Yelle for comment on Wednesday. A phone number listed for him was disconnected.

Peters also said Yelle's statements about the bulletproof SUVs were "completely false." He said the MPPOA rented cars from Avis, often using differently colored vehicles to ensure no one recognized them.

Peters added that Yelle was "notified multiple times" that he had violated his non-disclosure agreement that he signed with the MPPOA, after he posted on Facebook that he was part of a security detail.

Yelle had even falsely told the police group that he had the correct license to carry a gun and transport individuals, Peters said, forcing the MPPOA to find a licensed company that could hire Yelle.

Fox 9 was first to report on Yelle's alleged NDA violations and licensing issues.

"He misrepresented his license. I had to take it upon myself to find the company that would allow us to use their license," Peters said. "It was an indication that we started to see the non-truths from Scott."

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30d ago

This is what happens when journalists aren't held accountable for printing fake news. Its too far out of hand now. If someone says they had lunch with him once, they hurry and make it a story, without checking facts. I've watched journalism go from a respectable career, to a joke.

Jabin Scepurek
29d ago

why you all hating on a hero?Chauvin is innocent.... he did nothing wrong.... was just a victim of a dramatic theatrical scene financially supported and acted out by BLM and th demoncrap party.... can you people NOT see the obvious truth? George floyd sacrificed himself knowing his family would get rich.. he took the overdose of illegal drugs knowing he would die for the sake of believing his family would be wealthy and protected forever. the whole thing was staged and poor Chauvin was the fall guy.

30d ago

Oh please they hired him and he was supposed to keep his mouth shut. Should have paid him more.


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