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Quentin Tarantino Pays Tribute to Michael Madsen in Exclusive American Badass Preview


Cover picture for the articleWe have an exclusive sneak peek at American Badass: A Michael Madsen Retrospective, an all-new documentary celebrating the iconic actor. American Badass takes a look at the fascinating life and impressive career of the actor, producer, writer and poet. Madsen's iconic 40+ year career and more than 170 films include Kill...

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Janet Doe

Michael is so underrated. he never got the real recognition that he deserves

Shelly Bee

Gorgeous guy, Michael! I was once at a steak house in SF 20 years ago and there was a line for your food, where you pushed a tray along to receive your steak, then baked potato, etc. All of us lady customers got stuck in the steak grilling section of the line, because there was a, tattooed, rarely, at that time, Michael Madsen look alike, in charge of the steaks. He finally looked at us, all standing there, bunched up with our, boyfriends and husbands, looking completely confused, and barked at us to keep moving. We could hardly tear ourselves away from Michael Madsen!


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