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Where Duchess Kate and Prince William Stand on Having Baby No. 4

Us Weekly
Us Weekly

Is a sibling in store for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis? Royal expert Nick Bullen gave Us Weekly an exclusive update on Prince William and Duchess Kate’s future family plans.

“I think they feel that they’ve got a pretty perfect family. I think Kate was always keen to follow with her parents, [Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton], and have that sort of family of five,” the True Royalty TV cocreator told Us on Tuesday, September 14, referencing Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, and her brother, James Middleton. “She’s [now] matched it. And I think my view is [that] they’ll probably stop here.”
Prince William and Duchess Kate. Mirrorpix/MEGA

Bullen noted that the Duchess of Cambridge, 39, had “a really tough time” during her first three pregnancies due to her hyperemesis gravidarum, which is characterized by extreme morning sickness.

“They are really focused, over the next 12 months, on their work,” Bullen concluded. “Both of them turn 40 next year. They are really keen to be promoting their charities, their initiatives [and] foundation. I think for them, the next 12 months [are] all about the work.”

The royals wed in April 2011 at Westminster Abbey and welcomed George, 8, Charlotte, 6, and Louis, 3, in 2013, 2015 and 2018, respectively.

Kate revealed during a royal event in January 2020 that she didn’t “think” that her husband, also 39, wanted to add “any more” children to their family.

When the duchess gushed over a “gorgeous” baby in February 2019 and said that the little one made her feel “broody,” she clarified that the Duke of Cambridge would be “a little worried” having another.

Eight months later, a source exclusively told Us about Kate’s three kids’ bond, revealing that “they love playing together and being creative” at home.

“Painting, baking and building things are all activities they enjoy, and now that Louis’ a bit older, he gets involved too,” the insider explained in October 2019. “[It’s] usually over silly things like toys or what TV shows they want to watch. But most of the time they get on.”

Louis is a “real mommy’s boy,” while his older sister is “extremely confident and loves attention.” As for George, the source added, “He is more reserved, although he is starting to come out of his shell. George is always looking out for his younger brother and sister and is already showing traits of making an excellent leader.”

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Jennifer Potts

Who really cares it’s not like they take care of your kids or even support their kids with a job they’re born in a golden tea cup


William and Kate are the perfect example of royalty


William was preaching to the regular plebs a few years back about people need to have only 2 kids each.


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