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Halle Berry says she gets ‘frustrated’ when it’s assumed she’s been ‘spared hardship’ because of appearance

The Independent
The Independent

Halle Berry has spoken candidly about preconceived notions about her appearance, with the actor explaining that it is often assumed she’s been “spared any hardship”.

The 55-year-old, who is promoting the upcoming film Bruised, which she directed, reflected on her experiences, and the realities of life despite her physical beauty, during an interview with The New York Times .

“This is another battle I fought my whole life. That because I look a certain way that I’ve been spared any hardship. I’ve had loss and pain and a lot of hurt in my life. I’ve had abuse in my life,” Berry said. “I get really frustrated when people think because I look a certain way that I haven’t had any of those real-life experiences because I absolutely have.”

“This hasn’t spared me one heartbreak or heartache or fearful or tearful moment, trust me,” she added.

Berry, who has worked with organisations dedicated to preventing and intervening in domestic violence for more than 15 years, has previously spoken about being abused, with the actor telling People in 1996 that she was attacked by a former boyfriend.

In 2015, while speaking at an event for the Jenesse Center , a national domestic violence prevention and intervention organisation, Berry also acknowledged that she has an “an understanding, a knowing” that connects her to the nonprofit.

Elsewhere in the interview with The New York Times , the Catwoman actor, who is directing for the first time, said that the opportunity has made her feel “powerful”.

“I feel powerful just because I get to do it and put my voice in the world in some way, and my sensibilities as a Black woman out there,” she said of the film, in which she also stars as a disgraced mixed martial arts fighter who reconnects with her son.

Berry also noted that directing allows her to tell the story from her point of view, with the actor explaining that the world portrayed in the film is one she knows.

“We haven’t seen an African American woman in this way in a movie,” she said. “I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I am salt of the earth, it’s a world I know and is intrinsic to who I am. If I’m going to get to tell a story, I’m going to make it from a point of view that I know. I thought that was a very good way for me to start.”

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I FEEL her pain! it's not always easy for those of us who are physically attractive. People in our lives can become jealous & vindictive. I had a great deal of success in my early 20s in the broadcasting/documentary business.In my time as a reporter at an ABC affiliate, other "on air" personalities were back stabbers & jealous in their drive for more air time. My assignment editor would pull my stories or one time take my investigative story & finish it herself, Pulitzer Prize in hand. No it isn't easy being good looking & over confident like me. I'm sure some celebrities have imagined micro aggressions, but more often than not its real not "reimagined". Count me as a supporter of Ms. Hallie Berry & her claims of facing the ugly side of FAME. David Bowie sang it best in his hit song " FAME". FAME what's your NAME, what's your NAME?


I've always been told I'm pretty. But it's a double edge sword Yes men love me But women immediately don't like me before they know me My own sister gets mad if I get more attention. Men like me right away not because of who I am but the way I look Woman who are less attractive don't want to be friends because they don't want to be overshadowed Pretty women don't want to be friends because of competition Women let their looks control their lives I'm glad I'm good looking. There is a certain power that comes with it But there is a very negative side to it also Don't judge a book by the cover

firm tongue

Just because someone is very beautiful, does not mean it shielded them from the pains of relationship. They actually suffer more. But thank God for her appreciating and knowing that "beauty is not everything". If not that this lady is strong, smart and humble, she would have committed suicide, like some weak ones. There are many like her. But they are holding their own too.. I pray for them everytime I see their hidden inner pains in their attitude and behavioir and disguises.


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