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Milley's office defends call with Chinese official against Trump's 'treason' allegations

NBC News

Cover picture for the articleThe office of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley defended him Wednesday after former President Donald Trump accused Milley of "treason" for calling a Chinese military official last year, as reported in a new book. Separately, President Joe Biden said he has "great confidence" in Milley...

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Eugene Bridges II

It’s called, “ Keeping the Back Door Channels Open.” The U.S. government has been doing this for decades, so that COOL HEADS can prevail and avoid a shooting war that will make Afghanistan look like a cafeteria food fight. Especially, with Donald Dhrump at the helm! Remember when tHrump said that Obama would try to start a war with Iran to get re-elected, and tHrump orders a drone strike on a Iranian general?! And bragged about it!! General Milley knows the Power and Responsibility of his position, IF January 6th, resulted in the DEATHS of the Vice President and Speaker of the House, a 4 step scenario would have happened. 1. Contact all commanders of the US nuclear triad ( NORAD, E-3, Submarines ) is on lockdown. 2. Contact Chief Justice Roberts and President Elect Biden for immediate swearing into Office. 3. Contact FBI & Secret Service ( bypass Trump flunkys) Take the President into custody for national security. 4. Milley submits his letter of resignation after the dust has settled.


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