Simone Biles details how Nassar's abuse impacted Tokyo Olympics: 'I never should have been left alone'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSimon Biles revealed Wednesday that the sexual abuse she was subjected to by disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar had a direct impact on her mental health at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, from where she unexpectedly withdrew from several events. Biles and several other members of...

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Where were the parents at? I'm a father of two daughters, 19 and 18, but they were never left unattended while growing up or with people I didn't know. We also talked and asked them upfront and uncomfortable questions, but that's because their safety was more of my concern than how they may have felt at times.

Tim Ross

Simone, I was very proud of you today for you brave and heartfelt appearance before our nation. You are an extraordinary person who represents yourself well and represents our country well too. The nation is proud of you. Do not loose your heart, faith and hope. Many are behind you that you'll never know. But we are supportive.As an intelligent young person with unusual athletic ability, many of us understand your great passions to be a high achiever, to meet the goals that you set to achieve. Being young person, one is predisposed to believe our trusted institutions, particularly respected authority figures and physician. Never blame yourself, it's not your fault and what you are fighting for is a real truth. Do not let these past events destabilize your truth and sense of reality. Manipulation of this nature is confusing and distorts to undermine who you are. Hang in there kid, and be kind to yourself. You really are an everyday heroine in life. 🤗

Alison Hoskins

Horrible comments here!! This young lady was not only sexually abused but from a broken home to begin with! Why did it effect her in Tokyo? Because you never know when those thoughts will come back to haunt you, she was there without her family because of Covid which in itself has been very isolating. Shame on those talking trash about her. I sincerely hope that you or your daughter is never sexually abused because lord only knows you will accuse her of playing the system!!!


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