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The Secret Message Behind Meghan Markle's Outfit On The Cover Of Time Magazine


Cover picture for the articleMeghan Markle doesn’t do things by halves. For her front cover of Time, Markle went for the ultimate trifecta: the power pose, the power hair and the power jumpsuit. As she and Prince Harry, who has been the subject of many internet questions containing the word ‘airbrush’, are fronting the issue...

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Nina Demitrieff

too bad her legs are so ugly.can she stand without crossing her legs.maybe she thinks they look better that way.sorry me gain they dont

Vicki S.
28d ago

Why is everyone so mean to them? Get a gripe, people! This is one of the reasons this world is such a much bad-mouthing, back stabbing and cruel comments about others. Harry and Megan are people, too. They certainly don't deserve such mean treatment or remarks. Leave them alone, please.

28d ago

off duty super hero rofl where does she come up with this shitz? she wants to play a super hero by paying Comic Times big $$'s to be on the cover lol guess money can buy your stardom.


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