Bloody bite on 11-foot shark is from something bigger and more aggressive, experts say

Tacoma News Tribune

Cover picture for the articleAn 11-foot, 7-inch great white shark pulled from waters off Nova Scotia this week was sporting a large bite wound that was recent enough to still be bleeding. OCEARCH, a global nonprofit organization, shared a photo of the grisly injury on Facebook, showing it extended from belly to back on the...

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Christopher Cole

Orca Also called the wovles of the sea they hunt sharks in a incredible way by flipping them over it temporarily incapacitates the sharks and they feed mainly on the liver

Richard Burrell

near the liver...what hunts great white sharks for their energy rich liver? Orca...killer whales.... great whites are afraid of killer whales

Marie Wright

Im telling you its a Megalodon!! A Megaladon could have swam great depths and not been harmed by the asteroid that wiped out land dinosaurs. The proof is in the recent discoveries of other fish that supposedly were wiped out but have been discovered. Example the Horse Shoe Crab. I think its very possible that they are out there lurking the oceans.


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