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Former Packers TE challenges Aaron Rodgers' work ethic, attitude
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

After drama between the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers dominated the NFL offseason, both laid an egg in their first game together since.

When you lose 38-3, just about everyone has a bad game. Specifically, Rodgers was terrible — passing for just 133 yards and throwing two interceptions.

Following the game, one of Rodgers’ former teammates challenged his work ethic. In an appearance on Keyshawn, JWill and Max, former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley disparaged Rodgers.

“I just don’t see a work ethic in Aaron Rodgers that I have in previous years,” said Finley. “Actually, you can see it right through his helmet — the eyes and the face tell everything as a personality.

“I just don’t see that NFL hunger and (that he’s) still hungry to win another championship. I just think it’s cliché and talk that guys get up there and say, ‘I want to win a championship.’ … He’s a quarterback that doesn’t take blame for himself.”

Additionally, Finley took exception to Rodgers’ inability to take blame. Evidently, he believes the Packers quarterback would rather blame his receivers than say it’s his fault.

“He says, ‘Guy, if I throw the ball at you, you’ve got to catch it wherever it’s at.’,” said Finley. “He’s the type of guy that if you’re going into the film room and he made a bad pass, he’s not that guy that’s going to raise his hand and say, ‘My bad.’ He’s going to make sure the coaches know that’s all (on) you (as the receiver).”

Prior to injuries derailing his career, Finley was one of Rodgers’ favorite targets. However, he’s bound to move down a few rungs following his comments on his former quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers addresses poor Week 1 performance

Rodgers was not ready to call of the whole season after the Packers’ 38-3 loss to New Orleans on Sunday. The reigning NFL MVP was disappointed with his performance, but he wasn’t ready to go as far saying Green Bay was embarrassed — as his coach Matt LaFleur did.

However, he quarterback was unhappy with his performance. Rodgers finished the day 15 of 28 for 133 yards, throwing two interceptions as the offense only produced three points. Ironically, backup quarterback Jordan Love even played a large part of the fourth quarter.

“I’ll let him use those words and I’ll use, ‘it’s just one game,’” Rodgers said in his postgame press conference. “We played bad. I played bad. Offensively we didn’t execute very well. One game. We’ve got 16 to go.”

While many around the Green Bay Packers felt like the world was falling after Sunday, Rodgers is calm, cool and collected. While Jermichael Finley is bashing his former quarterback, Aaron Rodgers can quiet everyone against the Detroit Lions in Week 2.

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me 88

No work ethics at all. Right on. He just went thru the motions on purpose. He generated no spark to the team. Flat, embarrassing.

Frank Sanford

i think the whole problem sunday was that his Man Bun was wound up a bit too tight.


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