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Phillies announcer Larry Andersen rips everyone, including Bryce Harper

Cover picture for the articleLongtime Phillies announcer Larry Andersen has the reputation of telling fans what’s on his mind. And Tuesday night, that meant calling out everyone involved with the team, including slugger Bryce Harper. These days, Andersen calls games on the radio only when the team is playing at Citizens Bank Park. So...

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Thomas Tarrant

Larry, It might be time to take off the magnifying glass every time Bryce Harper gets a hit. Can you tell us you gave your all on every hit, as you’re demanding of Bryce???? The Bryce Harper I see measures every pitch, “busts his butt” at the plate, running the bases, trying to steal home, and in the outfield too! We’re all disappointed with the Phillies in this final run. Maybe instead of focusing on Bryce you could look to Giradi. As Phillies fans we all want the Phillies to win!


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