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The Real Reason Prince Charles Is Incredibly Sad Over Lilibet Diana

Cover picture for the articlePrince Charles rolled with the punches this year. Prince Harry blasted him in his bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and claimed that Charles had cut him off financially after leaving The Firm, as noted by CBS. Harry alleged that had it not been for his inheritance from his mother,...

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Christie Taylor

I think that the public needs to give the royals some space and privacy.The royals are human beings with issues and problem s and disputes and misunderstanding s just like the rest of us.So much rest on their shoulders.They have very demanding positions in society.Every human being has flaws .We learn and we grow hopefully.We make mistakes we fall down and we dust ourselves off and try again.I hope they realize that having each other and time together is worth more than any castle or any amount of money.May God bless and be with them and guide them .


This whole situation with the Royals is ridiculous! Have they not learned anything from Diana's tragic death. Everyone just needs to realize there are bigger battles to be fought! By the way, they seemed to have been very tight lipped about Prince Andrew huge issue regarding his dealings with Epstein & Co!


the fact that Harry and Meghan are withholding Lili from everyone simply REINFORCES THEIR LACK OF FAMILY CONNECTIONS. .A REAL FAMILY IS NOT JUST YOU ME AND THE KIDS...THATS A MICROCOSM OF THE NUCLEAR FAMILY BRANCHES...these 2 have nothing going for them except for greed fame and seem to live by the "what can you do for me motto" horrible people whose children will have the honor of reading all about how terrible their parents were to both maternal and paternal family members. now that is a true horrible legacy to leave your children...are these 2 thinking their children will never grow up and will always be manipulated by them...wrong...grown kids have their own agenda and no amount of money bribes or lies can shield the kids from real facts of what horrible parents they have...good luck with that...


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