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GOP Lawmakers Vote for Subpoena Seeking Voter Information

US News and World Report

Cover picture for the articleHARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Republicans in the Pennsylvania Senate prepared Wednesday to test how far they can go in pursuing what the GOP calls a “forensic investigation” of last year’s presidential election, as Democrats accused them of helping perpetuate the “big lie” of baseless claims that former President Donald Trump was...

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www @sdt

These folks refuse to believe more citizens actually voted 'Blue' it is absolutely pathetic it happens all the time sometimes its Red sometimes Blue. It's been every election I've voted in for 30yrs. Move On. Get a mask 😷

Sharon Froschauet

Wow!! And these are the same people 4 years ago jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store because trump won!! What happened to adults!!🤪😂

Mr Davis4010

Loser's just can't handle the truth at this rate they will be short on midterm money cause Trump ain't paying for this audits cause if he was serious about it he would be throwing all type of money at it instead of just letting donation build up in his bank account.


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