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Iowa Widow Blames Unvaccinated Americans For Fully Vaccinated Husband’s Death

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleA woman in Iowa has expressed her anger toward Americans who refuse to get inoculated or wear masks in public, indoor spaces after she lost her fully vaccinated husband to COVID-19 last month. Ardith Keplinger's 77-year-old husband, Gary Keplinger, of Mount Ayr, died of a "breakthrough" COVID-19 infection on...

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Deanna R Fowler

It’s sad she’s going to blame unvaccinated people yet her husband was fully vaccinated so what the reality hear the shot doesn’t work .? even if your vaccinated or the shot it’s self killed him by what what ever chemicals that were in the vaccine hmm

Miss T.

Prayers for her . With that being said when it's our time to go ,it's our time to go . Vaccinated or not . It should still be our right to choose whether we take the vaccine or we don't . I won't condemn anyone either way. But no one should be forced . And if it works so well then why are vaccinated ppl still contacting, spreading and dying from covid? If the vaccine could have saved him ,then he would have been protected from unvaccinated people anyway.

<not deleted>

The vaxxed are super-spreaders. Breakthrough cases: 23,000 Colorado. 16,000 Oregon. 27,000 Massachusetts. 22,000 Indiana. 26,000 Washington. 18,000 Minnesota. 33,000 Pennsylvania. TOTAL: 155,000 in only 7 states!


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