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Meghan Markle's Father Says She Is 'Cheating' Her Children by Not Returning to U.K.

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Thomas Markle says Meghan Markle's children "are being deprived of seeing all their grandparents" in a new attack on his daughter. He used an interview with Australian TV to say Meghan and Prince Harry should return to Britain to "fulfil their obligation." Markle Sr has not met Archie and Lilibet...

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Mary Garcia

ok people!! daughter needs to grow up, she sounds too childish, you would be concerned if it was your own. so quick it now. she sounds spoiled. dad only cares. so be it!! sorry!!

Christine Ahmed
19d ago

Meghan And Harry life dad needs to mind his own business the two of them can do what they want the dad needs too leave her alone

Pat Woods
13d ago

Like Father like daughter. She talked trash on Harry's Family but does not like when her family talks about her. Like she is the Daughter or Sister of the year. Meghan grow up. You really need to introduce your kids to their family before they reach 18 and search for them themselves and you will not have any say in the matter. They have a right to know them and your family has a right to know their Grandchildren and niece and nephew. You are not being a very good parent. Its not like you have to leave your kids stay with them. Just meet and get to know them. Besides maybe they want to see what color skin they have.


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