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New York City, NY

The curious case of the COVID-free conservatives

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The Week
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Another anti-vaccine conservative radio host has died of COVID-19: Bob Enyart, the Denver personality infamous for once reading the obituaries of people who had died of AIDS on the air while playing Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust." By my count, that makes five such deaths in the past couple months:...

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Andrea Patterson

So why does the left care so much all of a sudden about the right? Just yesterday a minimum of 12 of you wished me death. The left is rabid but luckily I know exactly how to handle rabid animals

Pick What You Want

All had preexisting conditions... LOOK THIS UP...! The biggest difference between COVID and H1N1 (Swine Flu) is the way it's being documented. When someone had H1N1 and died due to heart attack, stroke or whatever the death was counted as death by heart attack or stroke while sick with H1N1. With Covid the deaths are counted as COVID with preexisting conditions.


🤔 if these vaccines work so well, why is Israel on its 4th shot/second booster 😏. it has the highest vaccinated rate in the world, yet 3 shots in a year weren't enough 🤔


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