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Barry Hankerson Claims Aaliyah's Mother "Knew A Lot More" About R. Kelly Relationship

Cover picture for the articleFuel has been added to the fire of the scandal involving the relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly. It has been long and widely reported that the disgraced singer carried on an inappropriate relationship with Aaliyah when she was a young teen, even marrying her when she was just 15 years...

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Jennifer Johnson

Only Aaliyah knows how she felt and everyone assume needs to stop. Most people know and understand it's not easy to stop some teens from making bad choices, no matter what you do and keeping a teenager from the person they think they love is almost impossible. Kelly knew better but I am not throwing her family under the bus because she did what she did. I tried to stop my daughter and my mom tried to stop me. Think about your own life and when someone told you don't do it, did you stop?

Holly Marie Gilbert

alot of people knew and did nothing to now I feel R Kelly is a disgrace to the music world and they took to long to come forward


Of course her mother knows more than she's admitting , which mother in her right mind would let a teenager hang out with a grown man. Good parenting mom, I know the guilt must be killing you. I'm not excusing Kelly's action, he's a low life and deserves everything that happening to him


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