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Top U.S. general in Afghanistan contradicts Biden, told chain of command not to pull out

Washington Times

Cover picture for the articleThe top U.S. general on the ground in Afghanistan told top Pentagon officials that he opposed the total withdrawal of troops before President Biden made the final decision. In a closed briefing Tuesday to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Gen. Austin Scott Miller confirmed that he registered his dissent with Mr....

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Cindi Rice Freeman

well, I can't comment. For some strange reason the story goes blank when I tried to read it. Funny, this only happens to stories criticizing Biden

Patrick A. Kellner

where do I f×$k start I am an American Soldier take order from above my chain of command. Biden was told their advice he don't want to listen coz all his foreign policy experience for 48 year in Washington. He lied to us the American people he lied to the press about the outcome. First day in office he over turn everything President Trump had start. The pipeline trade with China....list of executive order goes on n on. Oh but not for the pull out of May 1st. He kept to the plan instead he remove all the troops before we get our ppl back. Now he want to blame my President Trump for his faults. How DUMBOCRATE HE IS NOW. YOU VOTE FOR HIM THIS IS WHAT YOU GET. MORE DIED AMERICANS. OUT

Dan lesnek

biden said he was never told to leave troops until the withdrawal was complete, another biden lie. How many thousands is that now?


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