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Trump supporter kills woman and shoots her husband leaving him injured because they were Joe Biden supporters, charged

Daily Fort Worth
Daily Fort Worth

Some people simply can’t control themselves and are risking decades in prison for their reckless actions and this man is just that kind of person because he is about to spend major part of his life in prison after he shot to death one person and injured another because they were Joe Biden supporters.

According to police reports, the incident happened in November 2020 when the 38-year-old J. Alvarez shot and killed G. Kauffman and injured her husband Daniel was shot through their front door, but survived.

The Texas man allegedly shot them both because they voted for Joe Biden, while he was Donald Trump supporter. The court records indicate that investigators found emails in which he admitted to targeting the Kauffmans because they had a Joe Biden flag and a “doll of Trump hanging” outside their house, documents show.

On the fatal day, Alvarez headed to the victims’’ home and he was waiting for them to come out. As soon as he saw Kauffman coming from work, Alvarez, who was armed with a shotgun, approached her next to the garage and shot and killed her.

Then the suspect tried to enter the residence believing the husband was inside, but the door was locked and he couldn’t reach to the inside. Hearing noises and thinking his wife was outside, Daniel Kauffman approached the entrance, at which point the killer shot through the door several times.

Daniel somehow managed to escape the scene, but was shot five times in the head, shoulder and in the wrist. Two of the shots luckily missed him. He received treatment in hospital and he was discharged the same day since the injuries were not serious.

According to MDMH-Pine Bluff, the police immediately arrested the suspect and obtained search warrants. Investigators uncovered emails sent from Alvarez revealing his extreme political and religious views.

In an email to a US army intelligence group, Alvarez said abortions were “Jewish child sacrifice”, and that “pro-choice” people were part of a “Jewish Satanist Party.” He also wrote that he believed Democrats were liars.

The killer said in the email that he targeted the Kauffmans’ home, which was on Memorial Park because he had seen pro-Biden and anti-Trump paraphernalia outside of the house.

Alvarez has been jailed since his arrest last year, but he was finally charged few days ago with multiple charges including first-degree-murder.

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Curtis King

we can go back and forth throwing shots about REPUBLICANS and Democrats Abraham Lincoln said it best AMERICA will destroy itself from within

Danny Stoltman

no one can get out of their own heads anymore and remember the golden rule, not to mention the fact that you don't have to agree or ever see someone if you don't want to. spread peace and find common ground

William Caraway

it's not a Trump, Biden,Obama or even a Clinton support thing put the blame where it belongs the ( the one who pulled the trigger) also please try to stop using a mental defect an excuse to save them from death row


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