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California Becomes One of Only Three States to Exit the CDC's Worst Category for COVID Transmission


Cover picture for the articleIn this summer's Delta variant surge, California has succeeded in being one of just three states to no longer be in the "high" transmission category for COVID-19, along with Vermont and Connecticut. Much like the California Department of Public Health's former color-tier categorizations, the CDC now has these categories for...

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educated truth

what people are not realizing is that while people have died, and we feel for that, the numbers are not there. there are 39 million people in CA alone and not even 1 million dead in the whole US from this. look at Israel and their vaccine numbers...and their hospital cases are 80% + vaccinated people, which severe cases being over 90%...they show us what's going on. meanwhile people are getting shingles and tumors left and right. I don't watch any news...I research and did from past vaccines and so on...why would they take our freedom that this country stands on for 1 million deaths? and that number is IF the cdc's preschool math is correct. open your eyes.


Californians made the right decision to keep Gov Newsom. Under Larry Elder, Covid would run amuck in California. We are winning!

Felicia Alexander

Just like every virus it has peaked and is on the down slope. Pro choice folks! As a neutral person I see a lot of side effects going on with the vaccine myself included , I got the first I will not get a second!


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