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The Breakfast Club hits Joy Reid for vaccine-scolding Nicki Minaj, invokes MSNBC host's skepticism under Trump

Fox News
Fox News
 1 day ago

Cover picture for the articleThe co-hosts of the morning radio show "The Breakfast Club" knocked MSNBC host Joy Reid for scolding rapper superstar Nicki Minaj over her vaccine skepticism. Minaj made waves on social media when she announced on Monday she would not be attending the Met Gala for its COVID vaccine requirement attendees, urging her nearly 23 million Twitter followers to do their research before making a decision for themselves. Among other tweets about the vaccine include a non-scientific poll she conducted on vaccine preference between Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

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Katie Reese
1d ago

All Nicki suggested was make an informed decision. Do the research. Not a thing about refusing the vaccine.

Ashley Chipman
1d ago

Charlemagne is the last person to talk about someone criticizing someone in public. He literally does it everyday on his radio show. Pot meet kettle. 🙄


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