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New York City, NY

Teyana Taylor's Daughter Junie Makes Fans Go Gaga Walking the Runway in Red Tracksuit with Long Train at NYFW


Teyana Taylor's recent fashion show has been the talk of the town, stealing headlines and reactions from fans, but her daughter, Junie's appearance, made the night memorable for fans.

Teyana Taylor's talent has been a source of thrill for her thousands of fans who admire her genius and creativity, but it looks like the singer has passed on some of her genes to her 5-year-old daughter Junie.

Fans got a glimpse of the little girl's talent as she walked on the runway twice during the recent New York Fashion Week. Taylor, the creative director for Pretty Little Thing, showcased the brand's spring and summer 2022 collection, and her little girl was a model.

Junie's presence on the runway sent sparks around as she looked breathtaking in a red sweatsuit, durag, and matching cap. Seeing the sweet girl model made one of the biggest moments of the night.

During her second outing, her grandparents and other models had to help carry her train as she cat-walked majestically, enjoying the applauds and flashes from the camera.

As she made her way for the exit, an excited Taylor could not help but give her mini-me a sweet hug. Her performance had been more than anyone expected, and it goes without saying that Junie might have a thing for modeling like her mom.

The five-year-old shared the remarkable night on her Instagram page, and thousands of fans and celebrities could not help but adore her brilliance. Her post gathered over two thousand comments and over a hundred thousand likes.

Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert once noted that kids of the media age need to be protected from hurtful comments.

Like her mom, Junie has that sweet attitude that fans love. While on the runway, the little girl perfectly waved at her applauding fans and took it a notch higher by blowing them a kiss.

Her actions come as no surprise seeing that her mom is the 30-year-old fierce singer who knows how to get fans talking with her sweet creativity. While fans adore her, Taylor credits her daughters as her inspiration.

Taylor, whose daughter Rue recently turned 1, encourages her little Junie to be creative and stylish and already provides her with the platform to become another child celebrity.

The 30-year-old already has a social media account for her daughter. The actress once called Junie a free spirit, adding that she would need an outlet for the burning talents to be expressed.

While she wants her daughter to be exposed, at the same time, Taylor loves to be a cautious mom and wants to be able to monitor Junie's life on social media and keep her away from threats and perverts.

Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert once noted that kids of the media age need to be protected from hurtful comments and remarks as they might not be able to handle negative reactions, which could damage their self-esteem.

Shumpert believes Taylor is a true model for Junie as they both share a lot of similarities. While Taylor is a wonderful piece of talent, she is also a thrilling soul.

Two of her daughters were born on the family's bathroom floor, and from all indications, the Shumpert-Taylor family is an intriguing one.

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