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Married at First Sight UK spoilers: Megan confronted by experts for cheating

Daily Mirror

Megan is confronted by the experts for her affair in tomorrow night’s Married At First Sight UK.

Having previously caused a huge upset in her marriage to Bob by cheating on him - but later hoping they can grow from the betrayal - it seems Megan is facing some stern words on Wednesday night.

The preview for the new episode begins with the announcement that the second commitment ceremony has finally arrived as ‘Yes week’ continues.

The clip begins with Marilyse, 37, sharing her doubts about her marriage to Franky, 47.

“I need space, so I left Franky for the night,” confesses Marilyse, to some surprised looks from Bob and Megan.
It's time for the next commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight UK ( Image: Channel 4)

The clip also shows Tayah, 25, break down in tears as she and Adam, 26, get their turn to speak.

The voiceover teases that Tayah “battles her past” in the episode, so could this prove a cathartic experience for her and Adam to grow from?

“There’s a mix of emotions when I think about it,” reveals a weeping Tayah as she wipes tears away.
Tayah is left in tears in the episode as she faces up to past hurt ( Image: Channel 4)
Bob and Megan are forced to confront the issues in their marriage ( Image: Channel 4)

Meanwhile, 34-year-old Amy is shown to be questioning her future with Josh, 26, after already voicing her own doubts about their marriage.

She is heard saying of the commitment ceremony decision: “I’ve written two answers.”

Josh is seen looking surprised as he turns to Amy for her to answer.

Finally, the clip ends with Bob and Megan in the hot seat but it is the latter who faces tough questions from Australian dating and relationships expert Mel Schilling.

Mel asks: “Can you tell me why you chose to have an affair?”
Expert Mel has some questions for Megan after her cheating ( Image: Channel 4)
Can Megan promise that she won't cheat again? ( Image: Channel 4)

Megan looks deflated as she sighs before answering.

Yet the clip ends instead with fellow contestant Alexis, 28, asking Megan: “Will you do it again?”

It seems to be make or break time for Bob and Megan.

*Married At First Sight UK continues on Wednesday at 9pm on E4.

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