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College Football World Reacts To Alabama Player’s Hilarious Admission

The Spun
The Spun
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One Alabama football player could be in for a rough afternoon following his comment about head coach Nick Saban at today’s press conference. Reporters asked safety Jordan Battle about his favorite sayings from the head coach. Unfortunately, the young player brought up a somewhat inappropriate series of jokes the head coach...

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Jesus 44

Simply proves we are all human and no better than anyone else regardless who you are, what you do or how much money you make.


All you who have these PhD degrees and a expert on IQ level of individuals who play for Alabama let me tell you something. I know several men who played for Alabama was honor students some who refused to go pro to accept a job that requires using their brain. I have a cousin who went to Clemson turn the football draft down because he wanted to work in lawenforcement for the state of South Carolina and doing an awesome job. Your IQ level show that your level of thinking is below objectivity where comprehension may be a challenge to understanding factual everyday life. Sometimes you just need to shut up and stop letting your ignorance take control


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