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Woman Yelling at Husband as He Calls Her "Grandma"


A Redditor's husband made fun of her in public and called her "grandma". She immediately excused herself, and later, she yelled at him for the way he treated her in front of his colleagues.

Many people resort to yelling when they think the other person doesn't understand their point. The Redditor had asked her husband to stop making fun of her repeatedly, but he wouldn't listen. Then one day, she had enough, and things escalated.

While yelling is not the right thing to do most of the time, sometimes you might feel like that's the only option left. A wife found herself in a similar situation and resorted to Reddit for help. She yelled at her husband and later felt unsure about her move.


A 39-year-old Redditor, LilianGrandma90, posted that she took up sewing as a hobby after being unemployed for three months because she enjoys doing it, and it was her deceased mother's favorite hobby. In the post, she said:

"My husband (37) started teasing me about sewing calling me stuff like "Granny" "aunt grandma" or "Grandma" and it's annoying. I told him I didn't appreciate the way he is mocking my deceased mom's hobby and calling me grandma all the time."

Her husband said he was just teasing her and didn't mean to insult her mother. A few days later, they had guests over from the husband's office, and when the Redditor came to meet them, her husband introduced her as "Grandma" and embarrassed her. She excused herself to go to the bathroom and didn't return until the guests left. The Redditor said:

"The guests later left and I blew up at my husband saying I didn't like how he kept calling me grandma in front of his colleague's and that its gotten too far."

Her husband then said that it was just a joke. He felt demeaned in front of his friends when she walked out of the room and never returned. The wife lost her cool and yelled at her husband. She told him to stop calling her "Grandma," and went to the bedroom.

Her husband later brought this up and said that her reaction was exaggerated. She explained that sewing was her mother's hobby, so it is precious for her, and she gets offended whenever he makes fun of it. The husband disregarded her explanation and said:

"Mom is not here so she won't know about my "potential" insults towards her"

The Redditor admitted that her reaction might be over the top, but she won't apologize for it. She asked other Redditors for suggestions, and most of them supported her, saying that her husband was wrong because he was being mean to her and wasn't accepting his fault. Instead, he was making the Redditor feel guilty, and that's wrong.


You might be asking this question after reading the Reddit post; is yelling acceptable? The truth is that yelling is a toxic trait that will only make things worse. It won't help you take control of things and become the dominating partner in your relationship. However, for some couples, yelling is OK, according to this comment on Mumsnet:

"In some couples it might be normal and acceptable but it wouldn’t be for me.If it’s not acceptable to you, don’t accept it."

Most people think that yelling is not normal in a relationship because it only worsens things. It vanishes the love and respect between the couple and also creates a negative vibe in the air. Yelling is a sign of poor anger management, and it needs to be addressed by the person who finds himself yelling at others.

The person who is being yelled at needs to clarify to their spouse that they are not comfortable with this behavior. They should also observe their spouse and see if they yell at their friends and coworkers as well. If they don't, that means they can control their anger, and it's only their spouse who they are targeting. This behavior is unacceptable, and the person needs to talk to their spouse about it.


It's not easy to handle a yelling spouse, but it's not too difficult either. First, you should talk to your spouse about how yelling hurts you and affects your mental peace. Also, tell them how it decreases the chances of solving the initial problem that stirred up the argument.

Never put up with the toxic behavior and tolerate their yelling for no reason. If you feel it's wrong, then you need to stop the abuse. The truth is that most people can control their anger, but they choose not to when the other person doesn't say anything to stop their bad behavior. A Quora user asked how to handle a yelling husband, and another user said that the best way is to tell them how their behavior upsets you. They continued:

"If your husband knows yelling upsets you, and makes no effort to curb the yelling, then you should assume he simply likes upsetting you. I would handle such a husband by divorcing him."

Suppose your spouse doesn't stop yelling at you even after telling them how hurtful it is. In that case, it's time for you to stand up for yourself and leave the relationship because such toxic behavior will only deteriorate your mental peace and leave you traumatized for the rest of your life. It's better to walk out of unhealthy relationships and live a sane life.

What do you think about this? Is it OK for partners to yell at each other? Or should they be stopped because of the effects on the other person's mental health? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Also, share this post with your friends to know their take on this topic.

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