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U.S. Made 2 Calls in 4 Months to Assure China It Would Not Attack During Trump Admin: Book

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"I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay," Milley told Chinese officials in the first call.

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Rick LeTarte

This is treason! No matter who is President. for him to go behind the back of the Commander and Chief is treason! He had no right!Also interesting that this all comes out in a book?! These so called journalists held onto this information? All to sell another book about Trump.That in itself again represents the issues we have in our politics and government. People running their own agenda outside if the administration is treason for Milley

joe ziegler

He committed high Treason and dishonored himself and his country. He needs to be court marshaled under the UCMJ !

Cố Nhân

•*• When the United States was sitting in "hot boiling" moment, he has made extraordinary and rational decisions for national security, without other choices and luxury time ... Immediately notify the so-called opponent to prevent (to avoid) a large-scale war disaster that may occurs is a very smart and proper way! ! ! Afterall, even if he violates the domestic regulations but saved the country, it should be fully understood, appreciate and forgiveness. <> This is also an extra valuable lesson we must accept and must always keep some tolerant before each decision ...! Never self-finding the dead-end road and fall into the predicament! ! ! !


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