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Howard Stern wants anti-vax ‘idiots’ like Joe Rogan to ‘stay home’ and ‘die’ with COVID

Cover picture for the articleUFC color commentator and podcasting juggernaut Joe Rogan made headlines earlier this month after catching — and conquering — COVID-19, thanks to a witches brew of alternative medicines like Ivermectin and Monoclonal Antibodies. Radio personality Howard Stern was not impressed. “I heard Joe Rogan saying, ‘What are you...

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Mitch Connor

lol he beat covid in 3 days..maybe you should encourage more people to take the same treatment as him, obviously it's a better solution..these people don't realize they are sheep , brainwashed by government and big pharma

Mister Swanson

Stern's got a problem with accessibility these days as he stays on a medium whose subscriber base is literally dependent on new car sales. Satellite is a dying medium.. Rogan is far more accessible than Stern is these days, and the podcast medium is bolstered by the cell phone market making data more and more accessible. Howard is just screaming as he desperately tries to stay relevant while clinging to a sinking ship.

anti communist

Natural immunity is far superior to your shot which doesn't stop the spread your shot doesn't slow the spread your shot doesn't stop rehospitalization. The only thing your shot does is enrich pharmaceutical companies who overprescribed millions of people worldwide


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