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Lil Nas X Had the Best Time at the Met Gala — and He's Got the Celebrity Selfies to Prove It


Cover picture for the articleWhen attending your first Met Gala ball, it's best to make the most of your night. In addition to wearing an eye-catching ensemble, one wants to take as many celebrity selfies as possible. Clearly, Lil Nas X got the memo, because he hit the carpet in a regal golden velvet Versace...

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Tony El-Ashaad

This dude is a tool for the white gay liberal establishment...and as they always do, once they are done using their tools, they break them!

Anthony Allanus Canady

I am glad to see someone being real and representing us. I am a Army Veteran and I am proud of my sexuality. This is 2021 people grow up.

GySgt/NCO,USMC Smith

this is what happens to those people when they don't have fathers in the house and it raised by grandmothers and mothers in the system Social Services the leftist this is what turns out he has major mental issues if he thinks he's going to be accepted into their world that rainbow accepts European ancestors they'd only want it been benefit from that! but if he lives in Fantasyland he thinks they're going to be part of this team power to him


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