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Ohio State

After Biden's vaccine requirement, Ohio lawmakers push for immediate vote on anti-vaccine mandate bill

Columbus Dispatch

Cover picture for the articleOhio legislative leaders put the brakes on a controversial anti-vaccination mandate bill just weeks ago. Now conservatives in the House are making moves to force a floor vote on the measure. State Rep. Jennifer Gross, R-West Chester, is gathering lawmakers' signatures on a discharge petition to force an immediate floor...

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Robyn Perkins

We must support this Bill, unfortunately this virus they unleashed on us is never going away, no matter vaccine we take. If we don't support this Bill, We As AMERICAN CITIZENS WILL ..ALWAYS....BE LOCKED DOWN !!!!! This PANDEMIC has been a trial run to see how much CONTROL, these demons have over us. We must stop these control freaks RIGHT NOW !!!!!!! I want to THANK THE COLLEGE STUDENTS THIS WEEK AT THE FOOTBALL GAMES. You need to keep making a stand foryour FREEDOM !!!!!! In OHIO you students need to help support House Bill 248, we don't need vaccine mandates here in OHIO. Students heres your true American assignment: CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR..CONGRESSMEN..REPRESENTATIVES... REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT....TELL THEM TO SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 248. ......AGAIN THANK YOU.....OH.....__

marquettia ramsey

You are correct by the data on September 12 ....0 deaths and 0 cases in Jefferson. Why are we in the red?? Makes absolutely no sense except politics!

Marybeth Carriker

Unnecessary? I work in healthcare and have been taking care of covid + patients since this nightmare was unleashed ON PURPOSE! Never been sick, not once, my immune system works just fine. A covid unit with 20 patients, ALL VACCINATED, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS NOW ON THEIR DEATH BED. There is your data!!! 🤬🤬🤬


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