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Jake Paul hints UFC star Nate Diaz is among potential opponents for next fight

Daily Mirror

Jake Paul has hinted UFC star Nate Diaz is a potential opponent for his next boxing fight.

Paul extended his unbeaten run inside the ring to four fights when he outpointed former UFC champion Tyron Woodley last month in Cleveland.

The two verbally agreed to a rematch after the fight, but Paul has since turned his attention to other opponents such as UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal and Love Island star Tommy Fury.

The internet star is also keen on fights with former UFC stars Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, both of whom picked up stoppage wins this past weekend.

And when asked about whether Diaz could be his next opponent, Paul found it hard to keep a straight face.
Paul is 4-0 inside the ring ( Image: Getty Images)

Ariel Helwani asked Paul on 'The MMA Hour': "Nathan Diaz, is that one of the names in the mix?"

And Paul replied with a grin: "I don't want to jinx anything, Ariel."

The 24-year-old has been called out by several MMA fighters since his recent win, with Belfort even putting forward a $30million offer to fight Paul.

And of the call-outs, Paul said: "The notion that these MMA fighters think that I'm scared of them or I'm running away is funny. Like guys, I have fought four times in the past two years.

"You can't really fight more than that if you're doing big fights. I'm going back to back to back on these b**** a** MMA fighters. Line them up I will take all of them down. You guys cannot box, I outboxed a five-time UFC champion.

"Vitor Belfort didn't even get close to winning that many championships. The notion that I'm scared, you guys cannot box for s***.

"I just took on one of your best fighters, Hall of Famer and s*** all over him on a bad night with a hyperextended elbow so f*** all of you.

Diaz took a shot at Paul following his win over Woodley, tweeting during the fight: "These guys both suck".

Paul would catch on to Diaz's comments and labelling him a "loser" and a "fanboy" who is just in search of a payday.

Diaz told Helwani earlier in the year that he wasn't keen on a fight with Paul, but sees it happening at some point down the line.

He said of the fight: "No, not at that moment, no. But, at some point for sure.

“Someone needs to tell this guy to shut up. You are talking fighting words, it doesn’t make no sense when people do that.

"It is like people talking like that and challenging somebody to a basketball (game). Boxing is just boxing it is only one-piece of a fight. So, someone is going to f*** you up if you don’t watch it.”

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