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My Spouse Won’t Agree to Divorce. What Can I Do?

Cover picture for the articleEven if a spouse doesn’t want a divorce, most come to accept that it's inevitable if one spouse is determined to divorce. Resisting spouses can thwart, control, or obstruct the legal process, or it can be a power struggle. They may deal with shame, fear or rage. Seek legal advice...

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Mrs. Nikki Guzman

It took my mom over 20 years to get my dad to sign. She left him when I was a baby and had no contact with him and wasn't able to locate him and all those years until recently about; about 7 years ago got in contact with him again and he signed, not long after that he died from a drug overdose

Alisha Perry
3d ago

Get a lawyer tell them you have no idea where your Husband is. They will run it in the paper for 60 days under legal notices. If he/she does not respond by the time given the judge will grand you a divorce

Christine Howard

If your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers, you still can pay a small fee to get divorced. 🤔


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