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Peyton Manning Had Blunt Message For Tom Brady Last Night

The Spun
The Spun
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Earlier this year, the NFL announced that its loosening up its restrictions regarding jersey numbers. That decision didn’t go over well with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Brady vented about the NFL’s jersey number rule prior to the Buccaneers’ season opener. He believes it’ll give the defense an...

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Frederick Faust
22d ago

Says the sour grape Peyton. How many rings does he have vs Brady's? He does have comedic skills that he can develop with his spare time, while Brady continues to add to his ring total on the field!!!


I totally disagree with Peyton on this one! What the 'F' does let them have fun playing with numbers have to do with anything! Obviously, Brady will overcome the nuance of it all, but as a high school player of the game and a current fan, I also like to watch who is supposed to be where when a blitz, double coverage or single coverage is imminent! I wonder what the Ref's and the Line Judges feel about it?!

28d ago

I like seeing linebackers wearing numbers in the 50s because I grew up seeing only that. I see no reason to break with tradition.


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