Pics: 4 Chinese warships off Alaskan coast; US military releases photos

Cover picture for the articleChinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) warships traveled within 46 miles of Alaska’s Aleutian Island coast last month and were photographed by U.S. Coast Guard images released on Sunday. The images, taken by U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf, spotted the Chinese ships on Aug. 30 inside the U.S. exclusive...

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Amy Anthony-Sapinsky

I think China forgets we have the right to bear arms. And we know how to use them. We may be divided right now but we will stand together to defend our beloved country!

Tim Frederick

they are prodding all over ,Japan, Taiwan, Alaska. They are doing under this admin l now but not the previous one. They are either in search of something or trying to gauge reactions.

TDS > pandemic

China has bought Benedict Biden. They are doing whatever they want. Not to mention they have Subs off the coast of Japan. China also dropped a bomb very close to an English destroyer shortly after the Child Trafficker in Chief was certified. Hinter has stake in MANY companies that are tied to the Chinese military. We are not the United States of China


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